It's not every day that a famous athlete, let alone an Olympian, decides to open a restaurant in Minnesota. But one hockey Olympian plans to do just that, but sadly not in southeast Minnesota. The restaurant will be in the Twin Cities.

First, let's talk about the Olympian that will be opening a business here. It'll be hockey star, David Backes. And if you're like me and you don't follow hockey, he's a two-time Olympian! He also played for the St. Louis Blues, the Boston Bruins, and the Anaheim Ducks during his career in the NHL. I'm not a hockey fan but I can still appreciate someone who's an Olympian. David grew up in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota so it does make sense for him to open a restaurant here.

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The restaurant is called Stalk and Spade. David's location will actually be one of the first franchise locations of Stalk and Spade, which started in Wayzata in April of 2021 according to Bring Me the News. The unique thing about this restaurant is that it's all plant-based and dairy-free food.

Their menu has burgers, chicken sandwiches, wraps, fries, shakes, and ice cream. It all looks super good! The restaurant's slogan is 'Plant-Based American Grill' which I definitely get from that menu.

David's Stalk and Spade location will be in Edina at 50th and France so a very popular spot to be. I'd be curious to check it out!

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