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You've heard of goat yoga, but have you heard of horse yoga? I hadn't either, but it sounds so fun! The Hayloft is a ranch in Hastings, Minnesota and they offer horse yoga along with plenty of other fun animal experiences (like goat yoga).

On The Hayloft's website, they say that horse yoga starts with everyone on the ground and the horse is there in case you need to regain your balance. Then, the end of the class is spent doing poses while mounted on the horse if you're comfortable doing so. I'm sure if you're not comfortable doing that you can do similar poses while staying on the solid ground.

I'm a horse lover so I think this would be an incredible experience! Those horses they have must be so calm and well trained in order for horse yoga to work out. They also do a horse barre class, which also sounds super fun. You start the class using a fence as your ballet bar and then eventually the horse becomes your bar.

The Hayloft also offers yoga in the horse pasture if you'd rather not get too close to the horses. Or they also have goat yoga if you'd like a smaller animal to accompany your yoga routine. Oh, and I can't forget to mention they also have llama experiences which, yes, includes yoga with llamas! You can find all of the experiences The Hayloft offers HERE.

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