A brand new distillery broke ground earlier this week, and their plan is one that will not only provide some entertainment, but it will also help out farmers in Minnesota.

Harmony Spirits plan to open its doors in the fall, and on Tuesday, May 29th they broke ground to create a brand new high-quality distillery in Harmony.

Not only do they plan on having high-quality products for all alcoholic beverage consumers, but their product will follow a full circle "farm to bottle" model. Which means the grains used for their product will be locally produced and the distiller's grains produced, post distillation, will be fed to locally raised cattle.

It is one product helping out another.

What an amazing concept! They will have whiskey, vodka, rum and gin all made from locally sourced grain. It doesn't matter what you like, they will have something for you to try if you are a first-timer, or if you know what you like, they have a lot of options available!

I think it is amazing to see a local business that will use this model to help out area farmers, but also area farmers will help this business grow, which is equally as awesome.

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