Farming is not only one of the most challenging jobs in the world. It’s also one of the least predictable industries and one of the most depended on by all of us. If a farming region suffers through a drought, it affects the yield of crops for them. If a disease strikes, it can wipe out an entire group of animals.

Farmers try to predict changes as well as adjust to actual changes. Having done it for so long, they're pretty good at seeing changes coming and adapt to them and learn from them. But COVID was probably not one of them.

We've seen stories on dairy farmers dumping milk. Not because nobody was buying, but because the supply chain was so affected by COVID.

To continue to learn and improve in their industry, dairy farmers gather for an annual convention called Dairy Strong. Well, Dairy Strong just announced that this year's convention would be online only due to COVID.

Dairy Strong, an annual conference that brings together farmers and a wide variety of others connected to the dairy community, will move to an online-only format in January, the Dairy Business Association (DBA) announced today. - Dairy Strong


Now given that the farming industry is pretty much practicing social distancing all the time anyway (even before COVID), it still has had to adjust in some ways.

Although the format will be different, our goal remains as it has always been — to provide an experience where ideas are shared, connections are made and people are inspired...Dairy Strong’s programming has always been unique. The change in format will make the conference even more so. - Tim Trotter / Dairy Strong Executive Director

An example of why these farming conventions, like Dairy String, happen is so farmers can learn the latest in technology to improve their yields and get a better return on their investment. Running a farm is not cheap.



Computer technology has significantly expanded over the last several years. And farmers learn these types of improvements to have their farms run better and more efficient at these conventions.

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