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On the Monday, July 27th episode of 'Jeopardy!' there was a whole category of questions about Minnesota. The category was called 'Minneapolis: News Clues'. I thought all of the questions would be about Minneapolis based on the title, but I was wrong!

I believe the category was called 'Minneapolis: News Clues' because the Twin Cities NBC news affiliate, KARE 11, were the ones presenting the questions (or, I guess, the answers since this is 'Jeopardy!'). Contestants got to hear from Gia Vang, Belinda Jensen, Randy Shaver, Kris Laudien, and Rena Sarigianopoulos.

How well do you know Minnesota? Keep scrolling to check out the questions from last week plus Minnesota questions from past episodes!

How Many of These Minnesota 'Jeopardy!' Questions Can You Answer Correctly?

Minnesota has been featured on 'Jeopardy!' many times in its history. How many of these Minnesota questions can you answer correctly?

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