The 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing kick off next Friday. Did anyone else know about this? Because for some reason it doesn't feel like this Olympic Games has been talked about much. Nevertheless, when you think Winter Olympics you automatically assume that we Minnesotans must be pretty good at securing medals for our country. And that assumption would be absolutely correct.

A website called did some research on the number of medals won by the US in all past Winter Olympic Games. No surprise here, Minnesota is responsible for winning the most medals out of any state. Woo! New York and Massachusetts weren't far behind us though.

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The first Winter Olympic Games were in 1924. From 1924 through the most recent Winter Games in 2018, Minnesota has taken home a total of 92 medals with 34 of them being golds. New York has taken home 90 and so has Massachusetts. Of course, that could all change at this year's Olympics but we'll see! Hopefully Minnesota will continue to be on top because that's a pretty cool bragging point.

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Also not surprising is that the US has taken home the most medals in ice hockey out of all Winter Olympic events and Minnesotans are responsible for 69 out of the 292 ice hockey medals we've won. The other events the US has gotten the most medals in are bobsledding, figure skating, speed skating, and alpine skiing.

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