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The Minnesota Department of Transportation will LOVE my idea for a snowplow, but they have eight plows to name altogether, so there's seven more chances for you to win the MnDOT Name A Snowplow Contest!

Just think of a creative, witty, or fun name (and make it family friendly, Uncle Aaron, OK?) and click here to enter. They chose eight snowplows to represent each MnDOT district in Minnesota.

You have until Friday, January 22, 2021 to enter your idea. Then, they'll spend February letting us vote for the best names in each district.

The Snowplow Everyone Signed! MnDOT
The Snowplow Everyone Signed! MnDOT

I've already entered the best name, Plowy McPlowerson, so don't bother with that one. I'm not a sore winner, though. Here's some great ideas for a wintery snowplow name. Feel free to use them, but if you win, you give me a shoutout, OK?

  • Snowtorious B.I.G.
  • 5 Sno 7
  • Snowy McSnow Face
  • Bruno When I Was Your Snowman Mars
  • Herb
  • Ms Snobliterator
  • The Fast And the Flurrious
  • Manage THIS Karen
  • Plow
  • Ed Perfect Snow Stormeeran
  • SNOMG (that's more of a license plate, I guess)

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There's no snow, so its even harder to see 'em!


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