It's finally warming up and pretty soon lemonade stands will start hitting Rochester, Minnesota driveways! But there's one day, in particular, that takes the lemonade stand to a whole other level, and that's Lemonade Day.

Lemonade Day is coming up on June 11th in Rochester. This program is special because it's meant to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in kids throughout the Rochester area. A lemonade stand is just like a really small business and with these tools that are free and special to Lemonade Day, your kids can learn all about being a business owner in a fun way.

Thanks to the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce and Lemonade Day partners, your kids can sign up to participate in Lemonade Day and get a free backpack of swag and a workbook to help make a successful lemonade stand! The workbook will help them create a business plan and teach them how to execute it the day of.

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On the Lemonade Day website, they list a ton of different skills that your kids will learn by participating in Lemonade Day. Some of those include supply and demand, return on investment, critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, self-confidence, math calculations, and oral and written communication. All very important skills that your kids can learn just by starting their own lemonade stand.

You can get your future entrepreneur signed up at

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