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Ikea has decided to donate $1.2 million to help out Minnesota students who are struggling with mental health issues. The over million dollar donation will go to the School-Linked Mental Health Program.

Where did this $1.2 million come from? The Star Tribune writes that, according to Ikea, the money "equals the amount paid in unemployment insurance to Ikea's furloughed workers during store closures earlier this year".

The Ikea Retail US president, Javier Quiñones spoke with Governor Tim Walz's office about the donation. In a press release about this donation, Javier mentions that they are grateful for the money that "came at a difficult time" but now they've decided to 'pay it forward' to the Minnesota students who are struggling right now.

We're all having a tough time right now, our mental health is getting hit hard, especially the mental health of students who now have to try and figure out how to learn from home and many aren't able to participate in the clubs they love. That can really affect someone's mental health.

Walz said that Ikea's donation "'will help ensure we can connect our young people with the mental health services they need and deserve.'" The School-Linked Mental health Program that the money was given to "includes 58 providers covering 1,100 sites across the state."

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