With summer beginning to come to a close, we will begin to see fewer and fewer lemonade stands around the area.

Now, when most kids host a lemonade stand, it is the neighbors and vehicles that just happen to drive by that are the majority of customers. However, two kids were lucky enough to get an impromptu promo video made for their lemonade stand for free and it turned out amazing!

Rochester Lemonade Stand Gets Amazing Impromptu Promo Video

One man ended up coming up to the kids and seeing if they wanted a short promo video made, and it rocks. You can check out the TikTok from King of the Courts below.

How awesome was that? You can see the joy on the kid's faces as they make the video, and you can see the time and effort put into shooting, editing, and the overall production of this. Amazing!

This isn't the traditional video from King of the Courts, though. You may have seen many of his viral videos on TikTok that have generated over 313,000 views, over 417,000 views, and another that generated over 841,000 views! The main focus of the page is promo videos for area basketball athletes, and these videos are just as good!

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