One of the best parts of Airbnbs is that people get creative, and you have the opportunity to stay in some incredible places that have never crossed your mind.

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Iowa Grain Bin Turned Cozy Airbnb

In Le Mars, Iowa, one crew transformed a grain bin into a cozy Airbnb that you and your family can use to relax in! It is pretty incredible how this grain bin was transformed into an Airbnb, so if you are looking to take a road trip, you may want to put the Grain Bin Lodge at the top of your adventure destination list.

Check out the Grain Bin Lodge for yourself below!

Iowa Grain Bin Turned Cozy Airbnb Should Be Your Next Adventure Destination

This Grain Bin turned cozy Airbnb in La Mares, Iowa, might just be the relaxing destination that you and your family check out! The 30-foot diameter grain bin was converted into a charming two-story lodge using reclaimed barn wood and corn crib lumber.

This charming getaway is generally $110 per night and up to $150 with six guests, and also has 10 acres of land to wander.

Check out this unbelievable Grain Bin Lodge below!

Minnesota's Cheapest House For Sale Comes With Mystery Trash Bags

A Minnesota home on the market is listed for $13,000 and comes with a room filled with mystery trash bags. See it for yourself if you are looking for your next project!

Cheapest Minnesota House On The Market Includes Mystery Trash Bags

This 861 square-foot home comes with a one-car garage on an 8,886 square-foot lot. It was built back in 1920 and has an unusual room that is filled with mystery trash bags.

See it for youself!

The 10 Biggest Employers in The Rochester Minnesota Area

The numbers below, from 2020, tally full and part-time employees. This information comes from Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc. (RAEDI)

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