Don't look now, but Amazon's Alexa might be able to order you dinner at Chipotle-- and then deliver it right to your home here in southeast Minnesota too.


That's right, you could be diving into your favorite Chipotle Burrito Bowl, without having to even get up off the couch. (Well, I guess you'd have to do that to go answer the door, but that's about it,)

It's all part of an agreement announced last week by Amazon Restaurants to partner with an online-delivery platform called Olo. According to this GO-MN story, Olo offers "digital order and pay technology to restaurants, has over 200 brands on its client roster, including many popular fast-casual eateries like Chipotle, Five Guys, Coldstone Creamery, Noodles and Company and more."

Which, the story continues, means "most restaurants using the Olo system will soon be available for delivery on Amazon Restaurants – Amazon Prime's one-hour restaurant delivery service."

Now, before we get too excited, keep in mind that Amazon Restuarants isn't available yet in Rochester... but it IS up and running in some areas of the Twin Cities. And, some sources are betting that with this new agreement in place, Amazon will no doubt be looking to expand that service-- perhaps even here to Rochester.

There's no timeline listed to include us here in southeast Minnesota, however, so in the meantime, it looks like you'll still have to head out to get your Chipotle fix. (And, yes, we already know that guac's extra, Alexa!)

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