Our fair city of Rochester, Minnesota shares its name-- and is, in fact, named after-- the city with the same name in New York state. Plus, there are several other cities also named Rochester out there too. So which one is right for you? Take this handy quiz to see in which Rochester you really belong.

While our Rochester may be named after Rochester, New York, even THAT Rochester is named for another Rochester: the original Rochester, which is located in the United Kingdom, in Kent, about 32 miles east of London. It's been there a LONG time, too-- with its roots dating back well before 1610.

But there are several OTHER Rochesters out there, too. Like Rochester, Michigan. Or Rochester, Wisconsin. Or even Rochester, Texas.  So while we currently live in the BEST Rochester (right?!?), is it really the right Rochester for you? Let's find out...

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