As we prepped for the Fourth of July weekend, one of the things on our list to get was adult beverages. Specifically beer for our friends who came down on the Fourth to enjoy some company and for their son to go swimming. Lo and behold I was greeted by a two case per person limit inside the store. A note in the cooler stated it was because of a supply shortage with the distributor. I shrugged it off and bought another brand for the weekend to let someone else grab the limited cases. It turns out that there is a LEGIT shortage of beer, and here are the 3 reasons why. 

1. According to this Forbes article "an estimated 10 million gallons of beer got left behind and eventually spoiled in bars, restaurants, stadiums, concert venues and the like when they all suddenly shut down in March. Much of that beer still needs to get returned to the distributor or manufacturer and disposed of."

2. Due to kegs of beer not being manufactured as much as BC [Before COVID] brewers opted for cans, for people to consume beer at home, which created a strain on the aluminum can supply chain. Fox 26 in Houston reported in June about the shortage of cans citing an industry report "suggest[ing] demand for cans surged 30% in March and April. As a result, those cans are hard to find as suppliers struggle to keep up."

3. Mexico deemed breweries non-essential and due to that shortages of summer favorites like Corona, Modelo, and Pacifico were unavailable after a period of time because no one was making it. Now they are just starting to catch up, but with a recent surge in COVID-19 cases in other states of the US getting that beer here can be difficult.

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