Living in Southeast Minnesota exposes us to many different license plates, including those from Wisconsin and Iowa.

They stick out like a soar thumb, and generally are the butt of all of my jokes when I am driving, just like every other good Minnesotan does (Relax, I'm kidding.....sorta)

Regardless, when I heard a story of Wisconsin possibly taking "America's Dairyland" off of their license plate I was shocked! I never would have thought that Wisconsin would look to change something that has been a staple of their identity since 1940.

The article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press said that Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce President Kurt Bauer floated the idea at a luncheon Monday. Bauer thought that a slogan "Forward" would make more sense because it modernizes the perception of what the Wisconsin economy is like.

That is an interesting take from Bauer, but honestly, if Minnesota decided to take "Land of 10,000 Lakes" off of our license plates, wouldn't you go ballistic? I know I would.

Wisconsin has made it's name as being the heartland of dairy products. Seriously, the even named a football team after it.

Will Wisconsin make the change? That is definitely possible, but if I was from Wisconsin, I would be upset because the state would be taking away from the history that built the perception of the state.

What do you think? Should Wisconsin ditch "America's Dairyland"?

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