That's right, it's time for the Fillmore County Fair!

What does this mean to you?

For me, it means fair food. I love that greasy food. Mini Doughnuts, funnel cakes... if it's bad for you, I love it. The one thing I have to mention is the Taco Stand they have at the fair. Every year, I take a short walk to the fair just to have two tacos. Being from Arizona, I am very picky about them. That stand though, they are doing something right.

Fillmore County's fair, along with most of the fairs in SE Minnesota, are for the kids though. 4-H kids to be a little more exact. There are numerous shows that happen throughout the week of the fair, with lots of judging involved. You can always find someone to ask about the animals and different items around the fair.

The Fillmore County fair also has the grandstands. It hosts the demo derby, rodeo, and numerous other activities. I know those two bring a ton of people to the fair. Live bands also perform most nights, as well.

The cool thing about all this stuff is that it's FREE to get into the fair. Why not go walk around? You don't have to pay a dime to see the exhibits. You do have to pay for the grandstand shows, but there is plenty to see even if you don't venture that way.

All that said, head on over to the fair! This year, it is going on until Sunday. Plenty of time to make it over. And if you get the chance, stop by the taco truck and have one of those. Take it from me, they are awesome.