We once had a pet turtle that "ran" away. But, not all turtles are as fast as Wheels. That's why the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is giving motorists a heads up as many turtles will be seen trying to cross roads throughout the state.

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This month, you're going to see a lot of turtles on the road. It's mating season, and June is the most common time for them to lay their eggs. According to the Star Tribune, "they will travel fairly long distances from water to find a suitable spot to lay their eggs. Many are killed when slowly crossing country roads and busy highways. A mature female killed on a road is a significant loss for the turtle population." Minnesota turtles lay two eggs every minute approximately leaving up to 40 eggs this month.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says "helping these typically inoffensive animals safely across roads is an important and valuable contribution to the preservation of North America’s turtles." For more information, click here. 

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