It's hard to beat the thrill that a local, independently-owned restaurant gets from getting some national attention. It not only can be a boost for their bottom line, but it also highlights their hardworking staff and the community.

That is why Spooner, Wisconsin is buzzing over an upcoming opportunity to have one of their favorite restaurants get put in the national spotlight.

Who Is Visiting Spooner, Wisconsin?

Based in Kentucky, America's Best Restaurants America's Best Restaurants travels across the country each week to tell the stories and highlight the unique food of locally-owned independent restaurants as part of their ABR Roadshow.

The ABR Roadshow, which has filmed over 900 episodes to date, is broadcast across the country, putting each restaurant it spotlights on a 'best places to eat' list.

Which Spooner Restaurant Will They Be Visiting?

Recently, Tracks Bar and Family Dining, located at W7916 WI-70, announced on its Facebook page that America's Best Restaurants would be visiting them.

Owners Dane and Iwona Wisnosky were both excited and humbled, and to show their appreciation they announced they were giving away two $25 gift cards to the restaurant. People simply needed to share a comment on the post to qualify.

This week, Tracks Bar and Family Dining reached out again through social media to ask the community which 3 menu items they should feature on the show.

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Listed among the many suggestions were the fish fry, lobster bisque, shrimp poor boy, cream of mushroom soup, prime rib, pot pie, and the hearty Sunday salad bar.

When Will America's Best Restaurants Be Filming In Spooner?

America’s Best Restaurants will be filming at Tracks on Monday, April 8th from 9 am to noon. The premiere date of the finished episode will reportedly be announced on the Tracks Bar and Family Dining Facebook page and America’s Best Restaurants website. All episodes air on social media channels.

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