Fully dedicated to saving lives and protecting property, fire departments around the country do a great job while often working long hours.

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Locally to the Twin Ports, the Duluth Fire Department does all of that and more.  We often times forget that besides medical, fire, and other rescue calls, our department also has a stellar Hazmat team on the ready to respond.

To get a closer look at what our local heroes do to protect the community, they are hosting an open house on Tuesday, October 10th from 4PM-6PM.

Hosted at Fire Station #2 located at 2627 W. Superior Street in Duluth this free event will offer plenty for the whole family.

Firefighters will be hanging out and providing fire extinguisher demonstrations, other life safety demonstrations, and even offering tours of the station.  Sparky the Fire Dog will of course be hanging out too.

In addition to the open house activities listed above, hot dogs and other refreshments will be provided from Super One Food and the Korner Store.

It's a great opportunity to get a more inside look at how the Duluth Fire Department works and provides a great learning opportunity for the whole family.

Make sure you also check them out on Facebook for more specifics on the open house and other fire and life safety tips they have to offer in an ongoing effort to keep the Duluth community as safe as possible.

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