A woman on Reddit is fuming after her mother-in-law sent her maternity and baby clothes, despite telling her repeatedly that she isn't pregnant.

The woman explained that her mother-in-law has wanted grandchildren ever since she and her husband got married. "The problem is we don’t even want any children. We just aren’t financially stable enough, and even if we were, we are very comfortable living child-free," she shared on Reddit.

The woman revealed she recently gained some weight, which led her mother-in-law to believe she might be pregnant.

"My mother-in-law saw me a week ago during my day off when I had put on a little bit more weight. She kept bringing up me being pregnant, even when I insisted I wasn’t. It was the only thing she talked about that whole visit and how happy she was to finally be a grandma," she wrote.

"Yesterday we got a big package, and when I opened it I was baffled to say the least. It was filled to the brim with maternity dresses, baby clothes, and toys. I showed my husband once he got home from work, and his mouth practically hit the floor in disbelief," the woman continued.

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Her husband confronted his mom, "berating her for her stunt and how inappropriate it was of her." The mother-in-law "called him back crying and screaming saying she can’t believe we would keep her future grandbaby a secret from her."

"At the end she called us disgusting human beings and hung up. We have both tried reaching out to her but she has been ignoring us," the woman added.

Now, the woman and her husband are "just so mind blown at this whole situation, especially that mother-in-law would go this far despite me telling her several times I’m not pregnant."

They've also decided to donate the baby-related gifts to Goodwill.

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Users in the comments section blasted the bold mother-in-law.

"Wow. She sounds like a real piece of work," one person wrote.

"That seems ridiculously unhinged. How has she managed to convince herself that you’re pregnant even when you repeatedly tell her you’re not? Seems very strange," another chimed in.

"This was highly inappropriate, no questions. Let the feels fizzle out then sit her down and tell her that you will not have children. While all of our lives are our own decisions, many parents have problems with coming to terms that there will be no grandchildren because they may have pictured their old age a certain way. Even normal parents can need a little time to grieve their not-happening grandkids so tears and drama is to be expected. But give her the chance to come to terms with it so she's not waiting for the both of you to have kids," someone else commented.

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