Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- The Rochester Police Department is once again warning the public about leaving valuable property in plain view inside of empty vehicles. 

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The warning comes after police responded to two theft reports involving purses being taken from parked unoccupied vehicles. One of the break-ins occurred in the parking lot of a park and the other happened in a church parking lot. 

Police Captain Casey Moilanen said the two different victims reported someone had smashed out the window of their vehicles and stole their purse on Thursday. 

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One of the break-ins occurred at Cascade Lake Park at 88 23rd Ave. Southwest and the other happened at Mount Olive Church at 2830 18th Ave. Northwest. 


So far no arrests have been made and its unclear if the break-ins are related. Moilanen said the dangers of leaving valuables in plain view inside of vehicles are not just limited to the southwest Rochester park and northwest Rochester church.

Although these incidents occurred at the aforementioned park and church, people should be aware that thefts like this can happen at any park and/or church in the city 

-Rochester Police Captain Casey Moilanen

In the past six months, authorities have responded to smash-and-grab purse thefts at Foster-Arend Park, Quarry Hill, the Douglas Trail and Chester Woods Park

Moilanen has previously said thieves will patrol parking lots around Rochester at fitness centers, parks and businesses during warmer weather and search for empty vehicles containing valuable items left in plain view.

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