Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- The warm and dry winter in Rochester and most of Minnesota could dramatically change in the coming days. 

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So far the winter has been marred by record-warm temperatures and a lack of snow that has threatened Minnesota winter pastimes and forced the postponement or cancellation of events. The National Weather Service says that could change next week. 

Forecasters are keeping their eyes on a potential winter storm capable of bringing measurable snow and strong winds to the region. A preliminary forecasted storm tack indicates southeast Minnesota has between a 30 and 40% chance of seeing 3+ inches of snow on Tuesday, Jan. 9. 

A second forecasted storm track indicates the Rochester area has a 10% chance of seeing at least 3 inches of snow. Forecasters say the storm system could bring winds with it capable of causing blowing and drifting snow. 

Officials say the storm track is still unknown as of Wednesday morning. Snowfall accumulations, wind speeds and specific timing of the potential storm remain uncertain. 

The forecast is expected to change in the coming days, the National Weather Service says.

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