Taking someone behind the woodshed is an old phrase regarding being punished away from view of others. Of course, a woodshed would be set away from the main house, for fire safety reasons. When a child would misbehave, parent or disciplinarian would take them behind the building and give a spanking or a beating. So when you are "taken behind the woodshed" in today's analogy, your boss could be discipling you behind closed doors, not out in a common area like a coffee room.

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Behind the Woodshed Bar & Grill (photo - Jay Caldwell)
Behind the Woodshed Bar & Grill (photo - Jay Caldwell)

The Woodshed Bar & Grill is located in Ottertail, Minnesota.  Ottertail is like many northern Minnesota lake destinations where their population swells in the spring,  summer and especially on holiday weekends.  The Woodshed is known for its burgers, full menu, large amount of tap beers and Friday meat raffles.

The town of Ottertail is named after the nearby lake.  The town has a population of 629 and was platted in 1903.


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