It's safe to say that all of the snow we got in January has melted in Iowa. If you're a dog owner, your yard is probably filled with landmines put there by your four-legged friend.

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With the winter season over and spring right around the corner, city officials in Eastern Iowa are reminding dog owners to do one simple thing: Scoop the Poop. It's bad for the environment and if I step in it, I'm going use the same foot to kick your butt.

Davenport Officials Remind Dog Owners To Be Responsible

You wanted the dog, and now you have to clean up after it. Officials with the City of Davenport and the Davenport Public Works Department want to remind you dog owners that it's time to scoop the poop out of your yard. The snow has melted and it doesn't look like we'll be getting any more of it for a while.

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Davenport officials say that, unlike cows, dogs have a protein-based diet that makes dog feces very acidic and not good for the lawn. Not to mention, pet waste contains parasites, bacteria, and diseases that can contribute to illness in pets and humans, degrade water quality, and ruin a pair of shoes.

The More Crap You Know The More You'll Pick It Up

Dog owners in the Quad Cities should really get informed about their dog's crap. Literally. Everyone and everything poops. That's a story I read to my daughter every day because it's her favorite book. Think I'm joking?

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But here are a few crap facts about dog poop that you, as a dog owner should know. Since I'm not a dog owner and had to read this, so should you. Here you go:

  • Human Health
    • It has been estimated that a single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which are known to cause cramps, diarrhea, intesƟnal illness, and serious kidney disorders in humans. Leaving pet waste on the ground can expose humans to the bacteria, viruses, and parasites often found in pet waste. Children are especially at risk since they often play on grass, dirt, and other surfaces and often put things in their mouths and eyes.
  • Water Resource Health
    • Rain washes pet waste and the bacteria, viruses, and nutrients it contains into storm drains, which flow directly to our streams and our rivers. When introduced into our waterways, the bacteria, viruses, and nutrients can degrade water quality by releasing ammonia and causing excessive plant growth which can reduce the amount of oxygen available for aquatic life. These wastes also contribute to higher e-coli levels in our waterways.
  • Pet Health
    • In addition to being a threat to human health, failing to pick up and properly dispose of pet waste can put other pets at risk. Pets are highly susceptible to becoming ill from one another because they are likely to come in contact with each other's waste. Worms and Parvo Virus are diseases pets can contract from each other. These diseases can cause illness and fatalities in pets.

Scoop the poop, Quad Cities.

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