FREE Family Fun Day Happening in Rochester, Minnesota

If you've got a child that is sensitive to loud noises, lights, or sounds, it can be a challenge to find fun activities to do as a family.  I know because I've been in those shoes.  Loud music and flashing lights are two things that are challenging for a member of my family and unfortunately, that is a lot of the world.

If you've been looking for a fun, family-friendly event that is sensory-friendly, a free event is happening on Saturday, May 20th in Rochester, Minnesota.  A lot of thought has gone into making this a safe and comfortable event for everyone.

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Family Fun Day is our community’s inaugural FREE, sensory-sensitive event. It is a fun, understanding place of support designed to be safe and comfortable for all our friends. Local and regional sponsors are providing free, fun, sensory-friendly activities for our families to enjoy.
These activities will include a petting zoo, pony rides, art lessons, giant bubbles, crafts, fire truck, ice cream cart, yard games, animal ambassadors, a traveling magician, and much more!
Funded in part by a Start-Up Event Grant from the Rochester Downtown Alliance. - Family Fun Day Facebook event

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Check Out The Huge List of Activities at Family Fun Day in Rochester

  • Event Activities
  • Petting zoo
  • VR gaming/laser tag
  • Med City FC soccer lessons
  • Popsicle/ice cream cart
  • Adaptive obstacle courses
  • Giant foam/bubble pits
  • Foam cube pits
  • Face painting
  • Fire truck tours
  • Wandering magician
  • Therapy dogs
  • Plant potting
  • Arts/craft stations
  • GaGa ball pit
  • ASL story times
  • Puzzle station
  • Green screen photo booth
  • Sensory escape pods
  • Turtle racing
  • Animal ambassadors
  • Giant yard games galore
  • LOTS of bubbles
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Location and Parking Info for Family Fun Day in Rochester, Minnesota

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