There are thirteen Costco stores in Minnesota, each providing exclusive advantages and discounts to its members. Additionally, members have the opportunity to purchase items in bulk, potentially leading to long-term savings.

If you haven't visited the discount warehouse store recently, there have been some changes worth noting. They've become stricter about membership sharing You're now required to present your member ID during checkout. Costco also implemented another significant policy update this week, and you can find details about that change below.

How Much Does A Costco Membership Cost in Minnesota?

Costco provides both personal and business membership options, each with its own set of benefits. The executive membership is priced at $120, while the business or gold star membership is available for $60.

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We have a basic membership, and we regularly shop at Costco for a wide range of items, including food, clothing, furniture, and electronics. According to Costco's website, they have over 100 million members.

Costco Sioux Falls - Ben Davis
Costco Sioux Falls - Ben Davis

Unfortunately, there's a possibility that becoming a member will become more expensive soon. According to MSN, Costco has a history of increasing membership fees approximately every six years.

Last year, the company's CFO, Richard Galanti, mentioned that it has been longer than six years since the last fee adjustment and suggested that one is coming sooner rather than later.

He stated, "In our view, it's a question of when, not if." While this significant change hasn't occurred yet, the store did recently update another major policy, which you can learn about below.

Costco Made A Major Policy Change This Week

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Shoppers love the bulk items they can purchase but the food court inside the store is also very popular. I had a coworker back in the day who would go to Costco every day for a cheap lunch. He would get a giant slice of pizza or hotdog with a soda for around 3 bucks.

Parent Tip: Did you know you can order whole pizzas from Costco? This is a great place to order from when you're hosting a birthday party and need to get a lot of pizza. Their pizzas are gigantic and only cost around $10.

Up until now, non-members have been able to order from the food court, but that appears to be ending. I don't think they were supposed to, but the rule was never enforced. Costco's around the country now have signs posted that say an active Costco membership will be required to order items from the food court menu.

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