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Are you a millennial? I always say I'm not, but according to Google, I totally am. If you were born between '81 and '96, you're a millennial. And apparently, if you're a millennial, Minnesota is the best place to live. Do you agree? Here's why.

A study was done to determine the best place for millennials to live. Schoolaro compiled data from 52 metrics that impact this generation’s decision on where to live. Taking into consideration things such as homeownership rate, the cost of living, health, quality of life, median student loan debt, and more. They then compared all 50 states and ranked them from best to worst for millennials.


Interestingly enough, Minnesota didn't take the gold in any one category, but we scored high enough in each category to get the best overall score. Coming in number two in personal finance, 3rd in affordability, 8th in health, 13th in both employment and political and social environment, 16th in quality of life, and our lowest was in safety at 34th.

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Some other interesting findings: Minnesota came in second behind Iowa for homeownership for millennials. Meanwhile, Hawaii was the lowest for millennial homeownership. Where are all the millennials living? The state with the most is Colorado. The least, Vermont. The highest millennial income is in Massachusetts and the lowest is in Mississippi. Wyoming has the lowest millennial median student-loan debt while Maryland has the highest. The lowest millennial gender pay gap is happening in Vermont while the highest is in Wyoming. Florida is considered the safest state for millennials and Tennessee was the least.

Here are the best places to live:

  1. Minnesota with a score of 71.63
  2. Utah - 70.5
  3. Massachusetts - 68.33
  4. Colorado - 67.99
  5. Vermont - 67.96

So, where is the worst place to live if you're a Millennial? Delaware is the worst according to this study. Followed by, Michigan, Idaho, Illinois, and Kansas.

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