I have to plead ignorance on this one, I had no idea this was a thing until I read about the news.

Did you know that you can go into Costco, membership or not, and get something to eat at the cafeteria?

Well, that looks like it is all about to change if you think seeing is believing.

Big Changes Coming to Costco in Illinois
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That's because there hasn't been any official word yet from Costco corporate but THIS picture floating around online is leading those who have been eating at Costco sans membership to wonder if they might need to sign up to keep saving big bucks.

Seen at Costco Orlando…..
byu/GoldAssociation7261 inCostco

The sign reads:

Effective April 8, 2024
an active Costco membership
card will be required to purchase
items from our food court.

You can join today. Please see our
membership counter for details.

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That doesn't exactly mean that every Costco will adopt this rule but I have a strong suspicion if the Costco you frequent doesn't check your membership when you enter the food court now, it will very soon.

Costco's Quarterly Earnings Beat Expectations
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Illinois ranks fifth nationwide with 23 different Costco locations. California leads the way when it comes to Costco warehouses. There are a whopping 137 in the Golden State.

Will this change lead to the demise of Costco? I doubt it, but you can check on 50 brands that no longer exist below.

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