If you're getting ready to do some traveling, it's good to know cannabis laws in other places before leaving Illinois.

Can You Bring Legal Cannabis From Illinois On A Cruise?

Is it just me or does it seem like recreational marijuana has been legal in Illinois for years? Do you believe it's only been since 2020? Also, with cannabis so free-flowing in the Land of Lincoln, it feels like weed is fine everywhere but of course, it's not.

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I think the pot-loving residents of Illinois often forget that weed is still not legal in lots of places. I thought I would give you a quick reminder. Especially, if you're going to be traveling out of state this year for vacation.

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There's no reason to get into trouble if it's easily avoided. Unfortunately, just because cannabis is legal in Illinois, you're a resident, and you bought it here doesn't help your cause. Legally, it shouldn't leave the state.


Not only is marijuana not legal in other states but it's still illegal in the United States. So here's a quick question. If you're an Illinois resident with legal Illinois weed and you're going on a cruise, can you bring it?

Hopefully, you already know the answer. It is a big no. The cruise lines prohibit any cannabis products are their ships but that's not all. Weed is illegal in the majority of the ports where the boats stop. You can get in serious trouble in those places.


It isn't worth the trouble. You can get arrested and go to jail. Maybe, have to pay a large fine. They'll kick you off the boat. Plus, don't forget the most important thing. It will ruin your vacation.

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