When serving pizza, how you cut the tasty food is very important to a lot of people in Illinois.

Pizza Is A Very Popular Meal In Illinois

In my whole life, I can't remember ever meeting anyone that hated pizza. It's just so delicious. Of course, there are some people that don't love it. I would dare to say that the majority of the residents of Illinois are big fans.

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Illinois Is A Pizza State

When it comes to pizza, I think Illinois is close to the top in the United States. Just think about all the amazing places to order it in Rockford alone. Then add on the rest of the state. Especially, in the Windy City. That town even has its own style named after Chicago and it's famous all over the world.

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Important Tip For Serving Pizza In Illinois

Of course, there are all kinds of different styles of pizza in Illinois. There's stuffed, thick, and thin to just name a few. Then there's all those toppings to choose from. But don't forget about the most important part of serving pizza and that's how it's cut. Everyone has their own opinion about that.

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How Does Illinois Like Their Pizza Cut?

A few weeks ago, I went out for pizza with some friends. We started having a discussion about how it should be cut. It was a very interesting conversation. I wanted to find out which way was the most popular in Illinois, so I conducted a survey on social media. here's what I found out. The results might surprise you.

  • #1 Doesn't Matter (as long as it's pizza, these people don't care).
Happy pizza with marijuana leaves
Illinois' Favorite Way To Cut Pizza
  • #2 Squares (my favorite way).
Illinois' Favorite Way To Cut Pizza
Illinois' Favorite Way To Cut Pizza
  • #3 Triangles (best way to serve pizza by the slice).
The Rockford Pizza Bracket Challenge: Vote For Your Favorite
Illinois' Favorite Way To Cut Pizza

Not here's where it gets interesting...

  • Fun Shapes (using cookie cutters).
  • Circle (I guess they're not cutting it at all).
  • With Your Teeth (open up and take a bite).

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