When I hear stories like this one in Illinois, I shake my head in disbelief because I don't understand why someone would do something this stupid.

Winter Finally Arrived In Illinois

We all knew that the weather was too good to be true. At some point, winter was going to arrive in Illinois. I guess it was waiting for the new year, which I have no problem with. Finally, the snow removal workers can get out and make some money. Unfortunately, for one local snowplow driver, it wasn't what he had hoped for.

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Unwanted Passenger On Illinois Snowplow

Let's take a visit down to New Lenox for this incident. It was a snowy early morning and a local snowplow driver was out on his route to help make the roads safe for commuters. At one point, he encountered a random man standing in the middle of the street and refused to move.

IL Man Forces Way Onto Snowplow
IL Man Forces Way Onto Snowplow

After a standoff for several minutes, the stranger would not get out of the way. Finally, the snowplow guy asked what was his problem. The man wanted a ride. Since he wasn't in any danger, the worker refused. That made him angry. He climbed up into the vehicle and jumped in through the passenger door. He demanded to be taken to the nearest gas station so the driver headed in that direction.

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Why Did This Illinois Man Want A Ride From The Snowplow?

When they arrived at the destination, the rider hopped out of the plow and ran into the building. In the meantime, the driver called the cops. The officers grabbed the passenger and started questioning him. When asked why he needed the ride so badly, the dude said he needed cigarettes. That guy was immediately arrested. How dumb is that?

According to patch.com, 

A New Lenox man was charged Saturday after police said he forced his way into a snowplow and demanded a ride to buy cigarettes at a gas station.

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