Craving a unique escape for your next group getaway? Look no further than The Uplands in Farmington, Illinois, an 80-acre estate offering adventure, relaxation, and a beautiful private lake!

Ideas for a Large Group Vacation

Every summer my family enjoys several mini vacations with small groups of family and friends at our Wisconsin lake house, but I have always wanted to kick the experience up a few notches by inviting more people.

While spending a vacation with several groups of our closest friends sounds fun, hosting it at our lake house most definitely does not, so what can we do instead?

Should we all rent separate rooms in a hotel somewhere? Been there, done that.

Could we all rent separate cabins at a lakeside resort? Absolutely, but sometimes the best part of large group vacations is staying under the same roof. That's where this brand new resort called The Uplands comes in.

New The Uplands Resort in Central Illinois

I saw this post come across my social media today, and I immediately had to find out more...

Yes, the pics are beautiful, but what really captured my attention was the words "private lake", so let's focus on that for a minute.

If 30 acres of PRIVATE water to play, swim, or fish in doesn't sound amazing enough, here comes the cool part according to The Uplands website;

We have many kayaks and canoes, but bring your own motorboat or fishing boat… the lake has a 400’ beach, several fishing docks, a jump platform, and 65’ waterslide…

Being able to ski or tube behind a boat is a big must have for my people, so this private lake checks all the boxes, PLUS, it has crystal-clear water!

But wait, there's more! The Uplands isn't just about chilling by the water. It's also a haven for active groups. The Uplands' Event Center has a full court gym for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, 9 square and more, and there's an outdoor sports field where you can play soccer, football, baseball, kickball, volleyball, gaga ball, archery, even tug-of-war.

If you're now thinking The Uplands would be a great space to have a family reunion or wedding, you are 100 percent correct. The Upland Lodge has 10 bedrooms that can sleep 45 people, a large great room, kitchen, and 5 bathrooms. The Event Center features two dorm rooms that can sleep 25 people each, bathrooms, even a catering kitchen.

You ready to start planning your next group escape? Click here to learn more.