On Wednesday, December 13th the Waterloo Police Department released a statement on their Facebook page regarding an Eastern Iowa woman. Alaina Erazo-White a twenty-year-old woman was thought to have gone missing several months ago.

According to officials from the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Erazo-White was last seen in Waterloo on September 22nd, 2023. 

Waterloo police officials say that Erazo-White has been found.

This news came out to the public on Friday, December 15th. 

The Waterloo Police Department released a statement on social media confirming that the case is closed, and that the woman is no longer considered a missing person.

When they initially shared Erazo-White's photo and information on their social platforms, locals became very active in their attempts to figure out what exactly happened to her.

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Waterloo Police Department
Waterloo Police Department



"Since that time there have been a number of concerned individuals posting information on social media but there has also been a lot of misinformation being spread," officials said.

Erazo-White was initially reported missing in September, and according to officials, detectives were able to make contact with her after the initial report. However, they were unable to meet her in person.

She did not indicate that she was in trouble, but she did claim that she'd "voluntarily severed ties with friends and family."

After this incident, friends and family along with detectives did not hear from her nor were they able to make any sort of contact.

Her image and the initial request for help from police, came from growing concerns that her friends and family had. The hope was to make contact with Erazo-White and check on her health & safety.

This young woman made contact with city police and claimed she was fine and had made the choice to steer clear of Waterloo. Then on Friday, December 15th she met in person with law enforcement from a different agency to confirm that she was alright.

Erazo-White once again told authorities that she was not in danger and that she left Waterloo voluntarily.

Waterloo Police officials said that there will be no further comment on this investigation.

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