It's the most wonderful time of the year, and The Quad Cities are showing their holiday spirit bigger and brighter than ever before.

The little lights twinkling.  The blow-ups are waving in the wind.  Every neighborhood has some kind of lights to make it a bit more festive as we wrap up 2023.

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So many of you have put in the work to bring others joy, but one of you got the most votes to win a  present with $500 thanks to Two Men and a Truck moving and junk removal of the Quad Cities.

Congratulations to Christian who got the most votes and will be using that $500 on...maybe more lights!  Or whatever the family wants to do with it.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their lights, who voted, and who will do anything this holiday season to make it the most special time of the year.

Christian Allen
Christian Allen

Vote for your favorite holiday display below.

Maybe you like every little light in a perfect row twinkling in the night.  Maybe you are a fan of the more lights the better.  Maybe you like blow-ups, stand-ups, and displays.  Maybe you like something with a theme or just something unique you don't see every day.

We had a bit of everything sent to us this year and now it's your time to choose your favorite.  Take a look below at some of the holiday light displays from the Quad Cities.  After you decide on your favorite, vote for them below all the pictures.  Voting ends 12/17/23 at 11:59 p.m.

For more of the best Christmas Light displays in the area check out our list here.  If you are looking for lights...we've got you covered!

Vote For Your Favorite 2023 Holiday Light Display Below

Look at all the holiday light displays here and vote for your favorite below. You can vote once per day.

Gallery Credit: Townsquare Media

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