Everything is costing more these days. And even though it’s hard to justify some of the extreme increases we’re seeing, there is some understanding to be had why there has been some elevation in prices.  

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One area that has gone up considerably is insurance. Health insurance, homeowners' insurance, and of course car insurance. I have a harder time understanding why insurance has increased like it has. I’m sure those decision makers can explain it away, but I still call BS. 

For those that are 55 years old and older, the Minnesota Highway Safety and Research Center or Precision Driving Center of Minnesota, offers you the chance to get a discount by attending the driver discount program.  

The program used to require participants to take an eight-hour course to earn the 10% discount. The length of the class has been reduced to a four-hour course to get the reduced insurance rate. This course must be taken every three years to continue to get the discount. 

For those that have taken the course in the past, the outline has been redesigned and this is an updated, new course for participants to take.  

Another change that has gone into effect is a name change. You may have noticed above I wrote two names of the organization. Effective July 1st, the new name is Precision Driving Center of Minnesota.  

They have the same phone number as they did when it was called the Minnesota Highway Safety and Research Center. Those numbers are 320-308-1400 or 1-800-234-1294.  

If you’re looking at your insurance bill, wishing for a way to get it lower, spending four hours in this class could be the way to go and could have benefits that go beyond cheaper car insurance.  

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