Jamie Lynn Spears has finally broken her silence in the wake of Britney Spears' bombshell conservatorship hearing.

On Monday (June 28), the pop icon's famous younger sister addressed the legal drama head-on via a candid and forceful Instagram Story.

"Hey everybody, I just want to take a second to address a few things. The only reason I haven't before is because I felt like until my sister was able to speak for herself and say what she felt she needed to say publicly, that it wasn't my place and it wasn't the right thing to do. But now that she's very clearly spoken... I feel like I can follow her lead," the Zoey 101 star began.

"I think it's extremely clear that since the day I was born I have only loved, adored and supported my sister," she continued. "I mean, this is my freaking big sister before any of this bullsh--. I don't care if she wants to run away to a rain forest and have a zillion babies in the middle of nowhere, or if she wants to come back and dominate the world the way she has so many times before. Because I have nothing to gain or lose either way."

It's particularly interesting Jamie Lynn would mention Britney wanting to have kids, considering the pop star revealed in her recent hearing that under the conservatorship, she's been forced against her will to retain an IUD that prevents her from having another child — despite her stated desire to marry and have a family with longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Insisting she is "only concerned about [Britney's] happiness," Jamie Lynn pointed out that she has "made a very conscious choice in my life to only participate in her life as her sister, as an aunt to those boys." Jamie Lynn was secretly added as a trustee to Brit's more than $60 million estate back in 2018. (At the time, she filed documents requesting the court create what are known as "blocked accounts" to hold Britney's assets, thus ensuring they would be transferred to the singer's two children upon her passing.)

"Maybe I didn't support her the way the public would like me to with a hashtag on a public platform," the younger Spears continued, taking a shot at the viral #FreeBritney campaign. "But I can assure you that I've supported my sister long before there was a hashtag, and I'll support her long after. Note that...Not that I owe the public anything, because my sister knows I love and support her. That's the only person I owe anything to."

Jamie Lynn also hinted at her perspective on her family's ongoing legal drama, maintaining, "I am not my family. I am my own person; I am speaking for myself," before adding that she's "so proud" of her sister for finally speaking out and sharing her truth. She also claimed that she had advised Britney "many years ago" behind the scenes to request new legal counsel.

"If ending the conservatorship [means] flying to Mars or whatever the hell else she wants to do to be happy, I support that. One hundred percent," the country singer concluded. "Because I support my sister. I love my sister, always have, always will, as long as she's happy."

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