Did you know that KFIL broadcasts a Fillmore Central news program?  Throughout the school year, you can tune in to KFIL AM 1060 at 9:30 Saturday morning to hear Fillmore Central's "Highlights in Review".  Under the direction of adviser Gerri Nielsen, Fillmore Central students fill you in on the latest school news, upcoming events, sports, and more.  2017 marks 50 years of "Highlights in Review" on KFIL!  It's a great experience for the students to learn the basics of broadcasting and recording.

Credit Fillmore Central School
Credit Fillmore Central School

This year's contributors are:
A J Jorgenson; Alex Love; Alex Mathison; Annalise Shupe; Ashley Haugerud; Bailey Soma; Brady Ristau; Cailey Rindels; Colten Kraling; Grace Miller; Hannah Grabau; Katie Gatzke; Kathryn Kinneberg; Logan Corson; Rianna Ryan and Taylor Willford.

Tune in to hear what these great students have to say.  Who knows, maybe one or two of them will have a career in radio!

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