Sunday wrapped up another Buffalo Bill Days in Lanesboro and, as always, the town was packed. This time around though, it was with the locals, celebrating all weekend long!

As you may have heard on the radio, I was bringing the parade action LIVE to the listeners of AM 1060, and it was quite the parade. From the royalty dancing and waving (I haven't

What I Haven't Eaten Yet

gotten that wave down yet this summer) and everyone saying hey and pelting me with Tootsie Rolls and the like, the parade was great. I got a great haul of candy for having one hand on the mic and one hand on my papers. The Another Time Ice Cream Parlor Float was especially good about that. Besides all the candy and fun, the Chatfield Brass Band, Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band, and the Rochester Cycle Patrol all put on a great show for the folks in Lanesboro. I also got beads from Canton Day Off (coming up in a couple weeks!)

After the parade, I got to catch up with friends and see all the vendors at Sylvan Park. The Ravens Fire band was performing music, and there was a good crowd for them. Ravens Fire loves Lanesboro! Since I needed to set things up before the parade, I had not eaten lunch, but there was plenty to eat in the park.

Being a big fan of the Twins and former first baseman Justin Morneau, I saw one stand with poutine, and had to try it! I'll tell you what, it was a good lunch. Beef, gravy, cheese curds, all on fries! Then to decide what to have for dessert. Dough Boys cookie dough or a root beer float? Why not both? I did not need supper.

Watching the volleyball and softball tournaments for a while got me tired out, so then I just had to head home. It was a great time at Buffalo Bill Days, but that parade candy is what's keeping me awake this morning!

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