On Friday night, we were supposed to bring you some high school girls basketball. Unfortunately, I announced schools closing early instead of Mabel-Canton vs. Lanesboro action on the court Friday night. So, I headed to Lanesboro anyway to see what everything was all about. After I stopped for something to eat, I looked around to see how festive everything was.

Ben Aberg-TSM


I was first met by a friendly snow person.


Then I went to see if I could find a nice place to sit and eat ice cream.

Ben Aberg-TSM


I went to see some of what else was going on downtown.


The crews were working hard to make sure the streets were drivable as they could be.


Ben Aberg-TSM


Some other snow-covered houses and buildings in town made a beautiful Lanesboro Friday afternoon, though we had no basketball to bring you.


The game that was cancelled due to this will be made up in January.

Tonight we have Caledonia vs. Lewiston-Altura in high school boys basketball on KFIL!