With so much awesomeness at the Minnesota State Fair, how can anyone decide who's got the best stuff going on? Well, the State Fair does every year, announcing a 'Best of Fair' list each August.

Last year thirteen vendors were selected for the 'Best of' list. I can only imagine that making the list is a big boost for your business for the final four days of the fair.

Minnesota State Fair’s '2021 Best Awards' Winners

  • Angry Minnow Vintage - Sells a variety of vintage custom apparel and accessories. (Located at West End Market)
  • Baba’s - Features a variety of unique hummus bowls. (Located on the east side of Underwood Street just south of Little Farm Hands)
  • Bailey Builds - Creates new and reclaimed wood art mosaics. (Located on the south side of Judson Avenue outside the Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum)
  • Gopher State Expositions and the Equinox - (This ride is located at Mighty Midway)
  • GoServ Global - Nonprofit organization that provides modified grain bins as housing and other shelter in areas recovering from disasters. (Located on the west side of Underwood Street between Wright & Dan Patch avenues)
  • Hanging Garden - Sells hand-crafted terrariums and other plant accents. (Located at the International Bazaar)
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  • The Hideaway Speakeasy - Features artisan sandwiches, wine and more. (Located in the Veranda Grandstand upper level, northwest section)
  • Kim O’s Concession and Lean & Toss - (This game is located at Mighty Midway)
  • Latitude Studios Co. - Repurposes shipping containers into unique and functional spaces. (Located on the north side of Judson Avenue, just east of Liggett Street)
  • Rutana’s Hot Apple Dumplings - Sells hot apple dumplings with ice cream. (Located on the north side of Randall Avenue between Cooper & Cosgrove streets, outside the Progress Center)
  • Solem Concessions Cheese Curds & Mini Donuts - Sells blueberry mini donuts, Cajun-flavored cheese curds and more. (Located on the east side of Underwood Street, just south of Murphy Avenue)
  • Tinsley Amusements and Charlie Chopper - (This ride is located at Kidway)
  • Waterstone Fire Tables - One of the 13 participants in the fair’s Adopt-a-Garden program. (Located on the east side of Liggett Street outside the Sheep & Poultry Barn)

The 2022 Minnesota State Fair runs August 25th through Labor Day, September 5th.


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