I've trapped many mice in my lifetime.  We have a KFIL mascot toy stuffed rat that gets passed around from desk to desk.

IEdwards TSM

But do I want to learn taxidermy on a mouse?  I'm not so sure about that!  If it sounds like something that would interest you, Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center in Lanesboro is offering a Taxidermy 101 class Sunday July 16. Instructor Colleen Foehrenbacher will teach you the basics of taxidermy. You will stuff a mouse and pose the little critter in an action setting of your choice.  Cost is $45 a person, includes equipment and materials, and yes, you get to take your mouse home with you.  That certainly sweetens the pot!  For more information on this course or any of the other great courses offered, contact Eagle Bluff's Skills School at 507-467-2437 or visit their website.  We'd love to see a picture of the mouse you stuff!