A Green Bay, Wisconsin woman blamed a Leprechaun for her arrest and is facing a bunch of charges, including allegedly throwing a grill at a neighbor's garage, trying to assault an officer and resisting arrest.

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The criminal complaint filed with the De Pere Police Department says it was early in the morning on March 24, 2022, when police were sent to check out a disturbance. More calls came in as police arrived, reporting windows and doors being banged upon.

Apparently, the 37-year-old woman was naked from the waist down and bleeding from her hand, a result of throwing the grill at a garage. An officer approached her, she started screaming and ran right to the law enforcement official.

While she was knocked down by the officer at which she charged, she was in such a state she was unable to cooperate with officers. Trying to gain control of her multiple times with a stun device, she continued to resist, showing no awareness that she was being shocked.

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Eventually, they were able to get handcuffs on but she still resisted, kicking at officers. According to police records, she made several statements:

  • She was ‘possessed and dead’.
  • She said she was seeing a ‘Leprechaun’.
  • She also made sexual comments the entire time.

The woman said she did not do any drugs, except for RX's. She'll be in court on May 10th.

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