This southeast Minnesota city just broke the all-time state record for having the wettest year ever here in the North Star State.


If you thought it rained a lot last year in southeast Minnesota, you're right. In fact, given how much precipitation this southeast Minnesota city received in 2018, I'm surprised Minnesota isn't known as the Land of 10,001 Lakes!

Big shout-out to Harmony, Minnesota who just set the all-time state record for having the wettest year ever record! Harmony, located about an hour south of Rochester on Highway-52, received a record-setting 60.21 inches of precipitation in 2018!

And, according to this BringMeTheNews story, that shattered the previous state record and also bested nearby Caledonia, who up until December 7th, was set to break the record.

But Harmony's December precipitation clocked in at 2.94 inches of precipitation to finish first and give it the state record. Caledonia finished the year in a respectable second place with 57.97 inches-- still not too bad. Mabel gets an honorable mention nod, too, the story noted, with 55.55 inches last year.

All these records are still 'unofficial', the story notes, because thanks to the current government shutdown, the National Weather Service, while still turning out forecasts, is unable to comment on or verify weather-related records.

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