Pirates have landed in Hudson, Wisconsin, and taken over the Walmart there. Don't believe me, check out the sign!

WCCO Screen Capture (video in story)
WCCO Screen Capture (video in story)

See? Wallmarrrrrrt, obviously some swashbuckling naughty ones from the Isle of Tortuga have decided to feast on the cornucopia of goodness within the walls.

According to WCCO TV, Walmart's corporate office has been called...at least a few times I imagine, asking about the sign. Corporate says the sign blew off and indicated it was just a temporary situation.

A careful look makes it clear the sign was pieced together, but maybe with different sign pieces, as the font size doesn't match.

Was the Walmart Sign Just Repaired?

Yes, if by "just" you mean as late as February, possibly January when this post went up on Reddit.

Other Possible Reasons for the Double R

a) Pirrates, for rreal.

ii) Rreading Rrainbow Collaborration

3) Someone bought too many Rs and they had to go someplace!

Pirates of The Caribbean interactive attraction Launched At Madame Tussauds
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My absolute FAVORITE part of this whole story is this guy, who insists it's a fake, even after multiple links to stories with video of the sign are presented.

cjmar41 (some swears replaced with all-cap letters)

...Walmart is not some rinkydink operation. They’re not hiring “Raccoon Joe’s Roadkill and Signs” in BumFART, Iowa to take a shot at a sign. (James here...why you gotta do Iowa like that?)

This logo was finalized and text converted to objects (ensuing it can’t be changed) long before it leaves Lippincot’s office in New York.

Nevermind you literally could not type the logo in the Walmart font if you wanted to. It’s a modified Myriad Pro, and that font only exists on Lippencot’s computers (unless it was modified after converting the letters to objects), in which case it doesn’t exist at all. Either way, you couldn’t possibly make a typo in “Walmart” in any software, anywhere, at all, on the planet.

This image is absolute, 100% bullHOCKEY and I’d stand by that with a gun to my head. I know, beyond any possible doubt, you’re lying.

I do this for a living and work with a couple of massive companies. I know precisely how all of this works.

Well, I guess you told us. Except...(fancy wave of the hand pointing to...)

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