Next time you are looking for something unusual and quirky to stay at, you should book a room at this train in Two Harbors, Minnesota.  Yes...I said a train.

Everything you need to know about the Inn in Minnesota that is actually a train

The official name of the place is called Northern Rail Traincar Inn and I heard about it because one of my old neighbors stayed there recently.  My dad is a HUGE train fanatic and if it was close to us, I thought maybe I'd surprise him with a stay there because this would make his entire year.  It's not close to Rochester, Minnesota so scratching that from my Christmas list idea.  But this would be an awesome weekend getaway or fun vacation stop for you.

Here are a few fun facts about the place according to their website:

  • This inn was on Peter Greenberg's list of the "Worlds 10 Most Unusual Hotels"
  • The place is made up of genuine train boxcars.  15 Northern Rail boxcars have been renovated and have one of the following themes - Victorian, Oriental, Safari, Fishing, Lighthouse, or Bear & Moose.
  • The depot-style building is where you check-in, breakfast is served, play games, or just sit by the fireplace.
  • Every Friday and Saturday night, they have summertime campfires that you can enjoy.
  • You can learn how to snowshoe while you are staying there!  They have the equipment for their guests during the snowy season.
marekuliasz ThinkStock
  • Wildlife is everywhere!  You are in Minnesota and this area is known for seeing deer, woodpeckers, and sometimes even bears, eagles, moose, and wolves.

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