If you've got Lunchables on your grocery list, you might want to just buy a box of crackers and some blocks of cheese instead.  Why?  Sounds like there is a shortage of Lunchables throughout the United States and stores in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin are seeing empty shelves too.

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Why is there a shortage of Lunchables?

Some are stating that the issue is probably linked to all of the supply shortages we are seeing throughout the country.  One funny claim though that was shared in the story that Today.com published was that parents have been cooking meals for their kids so much during the pandemic, we are just tired of making meals for them.  I will say, that isn't wrong.  I went to the store to buy my kids a Lunchable and was met with an empty shelf at HyVee.

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According to Today.com, Kraft Heinz indicated that they are seeing an all-time demand for Lunchables and other products that they sell.  In fact, it was stated in the story that when looking at the history of Lunchables, nearly 2 million more households purchased Lunchables in 2021 compared to data from 2019.

No matter what the reason is for the increase in purchases of Lunchables, the issue remains that many of our shelves are pretty empty.

What can I pack in my kids' lunch instead?

I'm just going to go out on a limb here but the actual individual items that Lunchables are made of are still on store shelves.  As long as you are ok with cutting up some cheese and meat on your own, you can still create the exact same lunch.  You will just need to put it in a container yourself.

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