Growing up, my parents took a lot of home videos on a camera that would then be transferred to VHS tapes. They are still stuck in the stone age, so we have a VHS player at home, but a lot of people don't have one. That means they can't watch these videos.

Did you know the Rochester Public Libary has a lab that you can use to convert those old videos and audiotapes into digital formats that you can use with today's technology? Well... KTTC did a story on the "Convert-O-Lab." This is a lab located at the library that takes the video or audio off the tape and transfers it to a digital copy.

According to the website, you can use this lab for free as long as you go through training on how to properly use the equipment. You can register for this training on the library website. Once you are certified to use it, you can block out three-hour slots to convert everything you need. The site does say they DO NOT provide CD's, DVD's or hard-drives to store your stuff on. You need to bring your own.

There are around 15 different formats that can be converted there including vinal and slide shows. This is amazing service that can save so many memories!

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