May has to be one of the busiest months around the radio station, here are a few things you can hear all month long.

As many of the listeners know, or may not know, May is busy no matter what.  The weather is changing and hopefully those April showers will bring May flowers, but no matter the weather we bring you all kinds of fun programming here.

May, as I am sure most everyone is aware is May Beef Month.  On KFIL, we air programming and special reports on the beef industry.  Now were not just talking about those juicy steaks and cheeseburgers, but about how they come to be.  Southeast Minnesota is home to numerous beef cattle operations, so stay tuned and you can learn a little bit more about the beef industry.  I know each year I learn something new, but we do this all for you, the listeners and of coarse the hard working farmers who produce your beef.

Also, May means baseball tournaments.  Sports and KFIL/KVGO are pretty much a given. We know all of SE MN loves to hear how their teams are doing.  Did you know though you can listen to games on your phone? Radiopup, you hear us talking about it, is completely free to download.  Anywhere you go, you can have KFIL and KVGO at the push of a button.

May also means town events.  One imparticular that is close to Preston, well in Preston, is Preston Trout Days.  May 20th through the 22nd is when that celebration is.  With fishing tournemanets, golf tournaments, food and entertainment, you can't go wrong.  The Trout Days Grand Parade happens this year on Saturday May 21st.  If you can't make it to the parade, but still want to be a part of it, we broadcast it.  Rain or shine, KFIL will be there. Once 4:00 hits, tune in to KFIL to hear it.  If your in town, stop by and say hi to me.

There is just a little taste of May, but who knows what else we will have.  Check out our YouTube page, like our Facebook page, or just listen to hear what we are covering and where we are going to be in May.  You might just see a KFIL youtube video with a very Beefy plot