Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Mayo Clinic has announced plans to improve its pedestrian subway system.

A news release describes it as a major upgrade that will affect six subway areas. Each will have a more contemporary and appealing design, wheelchair friendly flooring, and clear navigation to help patients and their caregivers get to their destinations.

"Our patients come to us with different levels of mobility, so smoother flooring on ramps will make it easier for families to assist loved ones in wheelchairs, and more seating in longer pedestrian corridors will provide welcome places to rest," says Stephanie Hurt, division chair for Support Services. "The upgrades will make our patients' and visitors' time with Mayo Clinic easier and more enjoyable."

One of the biggest upgrades involves the subway connection between the Mayo and Hilton Buildings, which includes enclosing what is now an outdoor courtyard at the Hilton Building for year-round use. The overall project is scheduled to begin in early November and be completed by December 2020. Mayo officials have not disclosed the cost of the planned improvements.

Below is a listing of the six areas and a description of the upgrades.

  • Zone 1: Baldwin-Guggenheim patient area and Mayo-Harwick staff corridor
    This area will receive improved lighting and acoustics, modern finishes, and displays of Mayo values and staff photography.
  • Zone 2: Wanek Family Concourse (Mayo Building)
    Among the projects in this area will be improvements to the popular peregrine falcon exhibit.
  • Zone 3, Mayo Building-Hilton Subway and Courtyard
    Projects will include enclosing what's now an outdoor courtyard at the Hilton Building for year-round use.
  • Zone 4: Damon Subway
    This area will receive updated restrooms by the elevators, new lighting and modern finishes, improved wayfinding, and additional seating.
  • Zone 5: Siebens Patient Cafeteria and Subway
    New dining and lounge seating will be added, with updated coffee stations and tableside food service.
  • Zone 6: Hilton Atrium and Desk C
    The atrium will be brightened with modern design, and the area will receive a new seating arrangement, an updated check-in desk design, and improved routing of foot traffic.

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