The school year is quickly approaching. With the school year coming up that also means football season is coming and also the cheer season! In preparation for the cheer season, the Mayo High School cheer team in Rochester, MN is going to be hosting a fundraiser later this month.

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It's hard to believe that summer flew by so quickly. I mean, the school supplies did come out at stores way too early in my opinion, but now it's already August and kids will be starting school in just a few weeks. It's wild!

The Mayo High School cheer team is working to raise money ahead of the school year. I received an email from this year's captain's mom, Chris, about the fundraiser, which is meant to fund the upcoming season for the team.

Don't Wash Your Car this Month!

The fundraiser is a car wash, so don't wash your car this month, wait until this fundraising event! The car wash fundraiser will be at Mayo High School on Saturday, August 27th. You'll be able to support the cheer team between 10 AM and 1 PM. They didn't mention the cost to get your car washed by the cheer team but I'd assume they'll accept any extra amount in a donation to their team.

Back-to-School Shopping is Crazy Expensive

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